A few weeks ago I helped to host a pretty epic Bridal Shower for my future sister-in-law in my family’s backyard. I’m not trying to brag, but when I say epic – I mean it was amazing. Proper homage to all of the hard work that everyone did to make this event go off without a hitch is just necessary.

The weather was perfect minus a little humidity and wind. The decorations looked amazing and of course, the food was delicious! Sara, the bride-to-be teared up a bit when she saw the set up for the party. All of the stress and planning was worth it just to see how happy and excited she was! I designed the invitations for the shower which set the stage for the Mad Hatter…madness to let loose. To say that Sara loves Disney is an understatement, so the pressure was on to leave no detail in the dark. I think it’s safe to say that we accomplished our goal and then some. Here’s a run down of how “we” (My Mom, Sara’s Mom, the bridal party, family, friends of friends, awesome neighbors….just a short list of the “we” I’m referring to) made this theme come to life 🙂

Mad Hatter Tea Party Collage


As far as “store” bought decorations we hit the jackpot at 2 stores, The Christmas Tree Shop & A.C. Moore (the store near me lost their lease so they were having a store closing sale when we went, double score!) We went shopping right around Easter so all kinds of bunnies, patterns and colors were out! It could not have been more perfect – we didn’t plan that part at all! Here’s a breakdown of the who/what/where’s of all the crazy details:

•Table Covers
•Garden Figurines (frogs, bunnies, mushrooms etc..)
•Different types of vases
•Large charger plates for the centerpieces
•Place mats for the head table
•Fake flowers
•Initial cups for bridal party
•Wire Ribbon for bows
•Plain polka dotted ribbon for smaller decorations
•Striped Paper Staws
•Paper Doilies
•Wooden letter I’s for each center piece
•Tissue Pom making kits from Martha Stewart
•Cardstock for paper crafts to print on
•Wine for each table (another game purpose)
•Picture frames
•Astroturf from Valu for the head table 🙂

•Pearls for each place setting (we played a game where you gave your strand to the person wearing the best hat and they got to pick a basket!)
•Thank you – playing card decks for the favors

•TEA CUPS + POTS – so many people helped with this part! Friends of my mom, my friends, facebook posts, garage sales, attending church functions, garage sales, people’s basements….we got so lucky with how much help we got collecting so many gorgeous tea cups and pots to make the center pieces and straw holders for each table. The center pieces were inspired by, of course, PINTEREST. Check out my board that helped us coordinate alllllllll of the decorations for the shower here 🙂

•Table linens
•The awesome tree/donut holder, my uncle made it for another party and then let us borrow it!
•Dishes – my aunt got married last year and bought nicer plastic dishes that we borrowed! White square plates, “silver” plastic wear, clear “crystal” pitchers etc.
•Tent + chairs

•Tea Pot Center pieces! 9 of them
teapotcenterpieces •Tea Pot Cut Watermelon by our VERY talented neighbor Barb!
Straw “flags”
•Napkin “rings”
Framed Quotes
AMAZING Teapot chocolate lollipops, and baggies made by my Grandma & Aunt Wendy!
“Thank you” tags for chocolate favors
•Playing card garland made by Zac’s talented Mom!
•Bows tied around the deck, poles and yard.
•My mom grew some grass, in a box she got at a bazaar…hahaha
•The GORGEOUS cake made by Katie’s Kakes

If I’m missing anything (which is very likely since there were SO MANY DETAILS) I’m sorry! The pictures showcase the day beautifully and without them I wouldn’t remember a minute of the day…it flew by so quickly!

the head table - mad hatter bridal shower tea partyfood favors and cake - mad hatter bridal shower


Another part of the “theme” was that everyone was asked to wear a hat! Here is the bridal party proudly sporting their hats for the day 🙂

bridal party