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Over a decade of Design & digital marketing experience, Based in Buffalo, NY.

I’m Melissa Infantino

With over a decade of experience working in the trenches of digital marketing, graphic design, & creative problem solving, my portfolio features work for clients in many different industries & mediums. 

My work features print, & digital designs, email marketing & HTML/CSS responsive email design work, video editing & animated GIF banners, mixed medium fine art pieces, custom google analytics reporting solutions, SEO+digital marketing strategies, & so much more…

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Satisfied Clients



Cups of Coffee

“It is very important to embrace failure and to do a lot of stuff — as much stuff as possible — with as little fear as possible. It’s much, much better to wind up with a lot of crap having tried it than to overthink in the beginning and not do it.”
― Stefan Sagmeister

My Skills

I design for individuals, big & small companies, create animated GIFs, design & print billboards, create & share free photoshop brushes + resources, & edit photos + videos. Sometimes I even help companies build their digital marketing strategy, improve their SEO, and optimize their paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Pinterest Ads..

  • Digital + Print Design
  • Email Marketing + Design
  • Web Analytics + Reporting
  • Product Marketing


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